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BTC's exclusive involvement in the case exceeds 100 million yuan! How to solve BTC in the first \

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On July 9, the Network Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security issued a crime case of \ 10 suspects, fully active crime process  

the so-called \ UnicodeToStringerror From guiding users to register and transfer money, to discussing with victims and selling stolen goods, after the whole process of crime has been realized, the three principal criminals first cash in and spend freely, driving luxury cars, living in luxury houses and going into and out of entertainment places. And the usual operation and management work, to the other seven employees, one-sided as minors. \ 1300 victims, involving more than 100 million yuan %On April 8, this year, the public security and Discipline Inspection Bureau of Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, received a report from the victim, who claimed that he had been cheated 10 eth with a total value of 12000 yuan in the telegram brick arbitrage group. In recognition of the importance of the incident, Ouhai police immediately opened the investigation. But not for a long time, the police found that the answer to such new evil, the traditional form of investigation is difficult to work.

Although Ouhai police have many years of experience in network investigation, it is the first time for Ouhai police to face the evil case of telegram digital currency. Because telegram is a kind of encrypted instant messaging software with strong privacy, domestic users need to operate VPN to log in, and the number of registered mobile phones is also different. As a result, the idea of tracking telegram is obscure and will not work. When the investigation of the case reached a deadlock, they came up with another key clue -- the address of the evil gang's Ethereum.

Therefore, Ouhai police asked the Wenzhou Public Security Bureau's blockchain compliance laboratory and begged a famous local blockchain company in Wenzhou to help with the investigation.

It took them a month to clear up all the Ethereum addresses related to the evil gang, and used self-developed software to draw the relationship between addresses, which is the \ \ He went on to explain, \ In order to solve the case, they put in a lot of manpower to analyze the address involved. Through a month's day and night analysis, they found the flaws left by the criminal gangs in the complicated relevant atlas, which also laid a solid foundation for the successful detection of the case. On June 4, Ouhai police, under the coordination of Fuzhou police in Fujian Province, successfully arrested all 10 suspects in Cangshan District of Fuzhou City. On 9 July, five key members of the gang were arrested with permission from the prosecution. According to Xiaochang, the subsequent trial sentence will be handed over to the court, which can take half a year.

During the investigation, the police found that the criminal gang had dozens of telegram crime groups, each group had 5000 to 30000 users, most of which were \ Please register and report the case as soon as possible %From the above data, we can see that the victims are basically in the mood of trying and falling into this scam. \ Firstly, in terms of cognition, the victims themselves are not clear about the digital currency and blockchain, and they are unable to explain their grievances to the police when reporting the case, which leads to the fact that the police are not biased and put on record in a foreign country; secondly, in terms of technology, it is very technical to analyze the blockchain address. If the technical forms and resources of foreign specialties are provided, it is difficult to solve the case.

The detection of this case is due to the high emphasis and detailed investigation of Ouhai police, the technical support of blockchain company and the active coordination of other parties. Although the case has been successfully solved, the police found that there are still one-sided victims who have not reported to the public security organs. Ouhai police should wake up and ask people from all over the country to report the case to the local police in time. The local police should be related to Ouhai public security network security brigade to recover the losses as soon as possible.

As for the follow-up of this case, BTC will keep a high degree of attention!





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